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Hee Haw!!

Ever so often on Saturday Nights in the Garland Holler it sounded like “Hee Haw”!  When I was a kid growing up, Mom & Dad said “Y’all Com” to good folk from all over Mayfield Holler and Out on the Ridge Folk.  Even the old hound dogs joined in once in a while!! ! Always had several instruments goin’ such as a Banjo, Fiddle, Guitars & of course…Spoons & a Wash board!  And me, well I was the one bangin’ the keys of our old upright Piano!!

What a time we had! We’d pick and sing awhile, then we’d eat some good home cooked grub!!! Now that was what ya call “life at it’s best”!! Now that was some dandy music! By the way, if you didn’t play an instrument, yo did the toe tappin’ & the grinnin’!!! =o)  ~San

Written by Sandy Blaser

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