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Huntin’ with Dad

Written by: Sandy Blaser December 2011

I thank God for my rich heritage. One thing Mom & Dad taught me well was, lovin’ the Lord, friends & family, growing our own grub, raising critters, playin’ & sanging’ music, and huntin’ to put food on the table…and in that order!

Well I ain’t got no farm to raise animals, nor do I have a garden, believe me…nobody’s gonna pay to hear me squall like an old tomcat. So with that said, I guess if the Lord tarries and everything in this old world starts goin’ south, then I jest might have to go to huntin’ critters again!!

…Dad would poise himself near a big ole tree that held a squirrel den & my job was shakin’ the bushes to scare the critter in site & ‘pow’, Dad never missed! He’s shoot 2 or 3 & then take a hold of them ole squirrel tail’s and throw it up over his shoulders and away we would go to the house with our prize possession!! And believe me; I have lots of experience of skinnin’ them with my Dad!

Now Coon Huntin’ is something else. You hunt Coon’s at night. I carried an ole grass sack & flashlight and Dad carried his shotgun & lantern. He seemed to always know right where to find a coon’s den! We’d traps through the woods in the dark, lookin’ for shining eyes…just hoped it wasn’t a skunk!! Sometimes we’d forget just how close we were to a creek bank!! Believe me that cold water was a shock of your life!!

The huntin’ dogs were all excited when they sensed a run comin’ on!! The suddenly the ole coon dogs went crazy & barked them right up a tree. I held the ole lantern and Dad would shoot & bag’em. Sometimes we’d come home with 3 or 4 coons in one night. Not only did they provide food on the table, but we also got a pretty penny for the raccoon hides!

After we got our catch for the night, we’d start walkin’ back home strutin’ as proud as a peacock! Then there was another big job awaiting …skinnin’ them critters!!! Always wondered why the good Lord didn’t provide them with a zipper!! Sure would have made it a lot easier to get them clothes off!! It was always my job to hold on tight to them little legs, while Daddy preformed surgery!! I won’t go any further or jest might gross ya out!!

Boy I can sure remember wakin’up to an awesome aroma, as Momma cooked breakfast. Shure made my mouth water! Momma fried them critters and made cream gravy, with hot homemade biscuits, home churned butter with fresh Sorghum and oh yes, a hot cup of Daddies fresh brewed Coffee!! Yum, Yum!!

Funny thing that my Dad would not eat Raccoon! But now my Momma was clever little woman! She had her own recipe for Raccoon. It tasted just like a beef roast. Momma placed the coon in a big roasting pan with a big ole onion cut up, lots of celery, carrots and taters and when coon was cooked tender; she then made brown Gravy with the juices! Then the smart little lady removed the meat from the bones. Ole Daddy ate several helpin’s and never did know the difference!

Now I tell ya folks…you ain’t lived till you’ve eatin’ a big ole juicy tender Raccoon or crunchy Fried Rabbit & Squirrel… Now that’s some good eatin’!!

One shure thing, if all else fails, I can always go back to my roots….Anybody wanta join me??