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Hee Haw!!

Ever so often on Saturday Nights in the Garland Holler it sounded like “Hee Haw”!  When I was a kid growing up, Mom & Dad said “Y’all Com” to good folk from all over Mayfield Holler and Out on the Ridge Folk.  Even the old hound dogs joined in once in a while!! ! Always had several instruments goin’ such as a Banjo, Fiddle, Guitars & of course…Spoons & a Wash board!  And me, well I was the one bangin’ the keys of our old upright Piano!!

What a time we had! We’d pick and sing awhile, then we’d eat some good home cooked grub!!! Now that was what ya call “life at it’s best”!! Now that was some dandy music! By the way, if you didn’t play an instrument, yo did the toe tappin’ & the grinnin’!!! =o)  ~San

Written by Sandy Blaser

A Good Trimmin’ Up

Hey any of you ever get a good trimmin’ up???  (That’s what my Dad called a good whoopin’) =o)  Well my Momma & Daddy were busy folk and didn’t have time to take us to the old Woodshed for a whoopin’!  So they had their own special technique!

We laugh & tell my Mom she killed the old Peach Tree because she pulled off too many limbs to whip us kids!!  Mom called it giving us a little “Peach Tea”!!!  Boy does a Peach Tree limb that has been stripped of the bark, sting!!  Kinda makes ya do a dance!  Know what I mean Vern??  But hey, it made a believer out of me & ole Brother Bill!!!  And my Dad’s choice of punishment was … a good hiny (butt) kickin’!

Now I have to admitt, we deserved every lick Mom & Dad gave us & even more!!  And none of it scarred us for life!  In fact it helped us know our boundaries!! For just like any kid, we pushed to the limit!  I do believe I am a better person because Mom & Dad actually loved me enough to discipline me!! =)

How about you??  Daddy says a good whoopin’ will make ya see the light!!!  ~San

The silent rise of the sun as it’s rays kiss the earth good morning …crisp, cool air with a gentle morning breeze….Birds began singing their melodious song…hands wrapped around a Hot cup of Vanilla Coffee…Each new morning  brings new blessing from the Lord!  “He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it!”  Have yourself a wonderful day!!! ~San

Having a wonderful visit with Family in Missouri.  Didn’t make it to the old farm place, but certainly have enjoyed reminiscing old times & listening to some great stores that hopefully will be published on here before long.  Also will be adding some great posting’s of family/friends delicious recipes.  So check back often!

You are probably like me…wondering where all these years have gone! Sometimes I would just love to retreat back to good ole Mayfield Holler. Didn’t realize how good we had it there! A few years ago when I was back home, it just seemed time had stood still there! That I find very refreshing & would simply love to be back to that peaceful little holler! Guess I’m tired of living in a city of over a Million!!!

Today temps here in South Texas was 87 degree. Got the windows open with a cool evening breeze blowing & listening to a symphony of crickets!