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A Good Trimmin’ Up

Hey any of you ever get a good trimmin’ up???  (That’s what my Dad called a good whoopin’) =o)  Well my Momma & Daddy were busy folk and didn’t have time to take us to the old Woodshed for a whoopin’!  So they had their own special technique!

We laugh & tell my Mom she killed the old Peach Tree because she pulled off too many limbs to whip us kids!!  Mom called it giving us a little “Peach Tea”!!!  Boy does a Peach Tree limb that has been stripped of the bark, sting!!  Kinda makes ya do a dance!  Know what I mean Vern??  But hey, it made a believer out of me & ole Brother Bill!!!  And my Dad’s choice of punishment was … a good hiny (butt) kickin’!

Now I have to admitt, we deserved every lick Mom & Dad gave us & even more!!  And none of it scarred us for life!  In fact it helped us know our boundaries!! For just like any kid, we pushed to the limit!  I do believe I am a better person because Mom & Dad actually loved me enough to discipline me!! =)

How about you??  Daddy says a good whoopin’ will make ya see the light!!!  ~San

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